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Roger Kitchen: the Weta creator

Weta Trimarans

Published on Thursday, 4th May 2017 - 5:23PM05/04/2017


The WETA trimaran is a great performing 4.4 m or 14'5" triamaran. Only a WETA can be sailed with one, two or three sails blazing by one, two or three people!

No wonder it was Boat of the Year in 2010!

Composite foam sandwich hulls with Carbon spars and beams make this little trimaran as robust as it is versatile. A trimarans legendary forgiving nature means that anyone can jump on the Weta and immediately feel confident.

Lightweight and simple, the WETA can be rigged and beach launched by a single person in 20 minutes. When it's time to go, the WETA packs down to the footprint of a Laser on it's custom fit, lightweight dolly.

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