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Morrelli & Melvin have designed Gunboat luxury sailing catamarans blending racing performance with the finest level of comfort and amenities.

Morrelli & Melvin has a fantastic track record of designing creative, sound, safe, energy efficient, fun and fast multihulls and monohulls and we go the extra distance to ensure that they get built to our specifications.

We've built boats in our shop. Introducing Hobie to rotomolding led to the development of the Hobie Wave, one of the best selling catamaran products on the market.

Pete's A Class catamarans with the wave piercing hulls came out of our shop. Not long after the success of the A2, Pete and Gino began working with Nacra to implement the production processes for the F 18 Infusion and the CFD based methodologies used for the daggerboards and rudders.

We have worked with numerous boat builders on the production of their first multihulls. As the process and application guru, Gino has spent months on site in South Africa with Robertson & Caine, rated as one of the world's top builders of cruising catamarans. When Robertson & Caine entered its joint venture to produce powercats and sailboats in China at the Flying Eagle factory located in Fuyang City near Hang Zhou, we didn't see Gino in Southern California for a long time.

Our consulting extends well beyond the production of new boats. There are some very nice monohull and multihull designs that have been around for a while. Rather than toss out the design and the tooling, we've assisted builders and owners with modifications. Adventurer, Steve Fossett; America's Cup team, BMW ORACLE Racing; and multihull builder, Corsair are among those whom we have helped to redesign and reconfigure existing boats.

Gino and Pete have been expert witnesses numerous times.


HH55 - Setting the Standard for Luxury Racing Super Cats

The HH55 represents the evolution of Morrell and Melvin's 25 years of performance catamaran designs. We blended lessons gained from three America's Cup campaigns, around the world records, 24 hour records, and over 25 custom cruising cat designs, for discerning owners, from 46ft to 90ft. We have listened to, cruised and raced with our clients to understand their needs, and incorporate these ideas and features into the design of the HH55.

In collaboration with Hudson Yacht's international team of design engineers and builders, we have strived to bring the best equipment, buiIding materials and techniques to this next generation performance luxury cruising cat.

Utilizing state of the art, light and strong materials, allows us to maintain an unusually high degree of Iuxury finishes and detaiIs, not normally found in performance cruising cats. The HH55 is a light and strong race boat in disguise, so owners can enjoy all the comforts of home, to make any time spent on board luxurious, fun and safe."

Not a “cookie-cutter” high production vessel; the HH55 is offered with numerous interior and exterior layout options, allowing for customization to meet the individualized needs of the most discerning clients.

-Gino Morrelli -- Morrelli & Melvin

The HH66 Super Cat is the first in a new line of luxury performance cruising catamarans, designed to set the standard, for performance luxury sailing. With its Morrelli & Melvin design pedigree, its generous interior spaces, and clever use of ultra-modern materials, the HH66 achieves a level of performance and luxury, not previously found in this genre of very fast sailing catamarans..

Performance is the backbone of this design. Designed for comfortable cruising, but able to ‘kick it up a notch’ and move with speed when desired. Modern hull forms, the latest generation curved C daggerboards, and “T” rudders, incorporate design learnings from the latest America’s Cup campaigns. 100% carbon fiber composite sandwich construction, produce hulls and structures of incredible strength and stiffness, while interior construction of lightweight cored panels, finished with exquisite veneers of both wood and stone, present you with the highest quality interior finishes. Not a “cookie-cutter” high production vessel, the HH66 is offered with numerous interior and exterior layout options, allowing for customization, to meet the individualized needs of the most discerning clients.

Unique styling, innovative sailing systems, beautiful interiors, and your personal input, combine to make each HH66 a truly exceptional yacht. High performance elements will make this boat a competitive racer in any venue. Its efficient design will allow you to cruise, or make easy fast passages, with comfortable +350nm days. And its unique styling and fine finish will provide comfort and ambience second to none.

No matter what you are looking for - whether you want to race, cruise Caribbean waters, explore the reaches of the South Pacific, or simply pass the time in a Mediterranean fishing port - your HH66 Super Cat will be the most talked about craft in the bay. .