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Published on Friday, 5th May 2017 - 7:21PM05/05/2017

Ira Heller and Bob Gleason, The Multihull Source, Inc.

The Multihull Source was formed in 1995 when Bob Gleason teamed up with Bert Kornyei to expand his Corsair dealership into other multihulls. Bert had recently bought his first Corsair from Bob and was excited to start this new venture. Their first addition was the affordable, fun WindRider 16. At the same time they became Gemini dealers, putting one of the cruising cats into charter along with an F-27. The service and repair business continued to grow, requiring more of Bob’s expertise and management. Ira Heller, who had bought his Corsair from Bob in 1991, joined TMS in 1998 to handle the smaller boat brokerage service and the WindRider line. Catherine Kornyei joined the expanding company as business manager in 1999. At the 1999 Paris Boat Show TMS became agents for Catana, the French luxury cruising catamarans. Gunboat was introduced in 2002, with TMS assuming management of this custom-built, ultra-high performance, cruising catamaran. Bert and Catherine retired to Salt Lake City UT in 2009. 2010 the WETA trimarans were added to the mix and have done extremely well as well as a line of packable canoes and Kayaks from Pak Boats.

Bob and Ira are experienced multihull racers and cruisers; they organize and participate in numerous sailing events throughout the year. Because of their passion and vast knowledge, The Multihull Source is one of the strongest, full-service, multihull-only dealerships in the world.

The Multihull Source, 3 Narrows Road, P.O. Box 951, Wareham, MA 02571

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